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 Title: You can do whatever you want besides hurt others and break objects. 

Size: 40"x50"

Material: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: 2022


Title Description 

This therapy room is a safe space, dear child, and we can play, run around, chill on a bean bag, schmooze, or sit in silence together. I am here to support you and be with you. The only two rules I have are no hitting or breaking objects. 

The freedom to choose to do or not do anything is often shocking for children. The children usually ask or think I don't have to do anything. Can we be together in this space? How do I do nothing? You, adult, will play with me any game or idea I desire? The freedom to express and the safety to be different will support your development, dear child. I will mirror your facial gesture, body movements, and play ideas so you feel seen and experience what it feels like to be with a different being. So yes, dear child, go ahead, express yourself, and let it out; this is a space where you can expand and develop. 



Please know that colors will be slightly different on different screens. 


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You can do whatever you want besides hurt others and break objects.

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