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Title: This is a Safe Space for the Caregiver

Size: 30"x40"

Material: Acrylic on Canvas

Year: August 2022


Title Description 

The expansion, the presence, the love, the ability to see your child or your Self differently; this is a safe space to explore and be vulnerable. We are all in the same boat with the inability to be perfect parents. I can hear you list all the problems with yourself and your child.

I don't have the magic key or answers to your problems. I'm a passenger with relationship skills, sharing the journey of your child's development. I am happy to come along for the ride, and my job is to pull the brakes when I feel like we're about to drive off the cliff. So let it out, and know it is not easy to have a challenging child, and you don't have to travel the journey alone. 



Please know that colors will be slightly different on different screens. 


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This is a Safe Space for the Caregiver

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