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Title: Out of Control

Size: 32 "x42"

Material: Acrylic on canvas, 

Year: September 2022


Title Description 

The tires spin on the asphalt while driving in the left lane. The car in the rearview mirror is tailing behind me and is so close I can almost see their face. They're saying, you're not going fast enough for me, get out of the way, move over, or move quicker. I fear faster speeds increase the likelihood of death or a more significant risk of injury.

I speed up so I can get back to the middle lane. 


On a different day, someone is coming fast down the left lane, and I can see them gaining speed from my rearview mirror; maybe I should remove or tilt the rearview mirror towards the backseats, so I won't see who is driving behind me. Many different thoughts; maybe it's just my thoughts and judgments, or perhaps the guy behind me on the highway doesn't want me to speed up or move over. 


Other times, someone driving behind me wants to relax, drive at a medium speed, and not jerk back and forth as the speed constantly changes due to traffic and causes me to feel nauseous. Sometimes it's incredible to have someone relaxed driving behind me; it is as if we both get it, driving relaxed gets you to the same destination but in a calmer way. 


Drive smarter, not harder. 


So much safety awareness, energy, thought, mindfulness, and presence go into driving to and from work, and it is exhausting. 



Please know that colors will be slightly different on different screens. 


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Out of Control

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